It's not about forcing happiness it's about not letting sadness win
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I wish I hated and wished the worst for the people who have hurt me but I wish them the best and to never feel what I’ve felt

Oli Sykes’ APMA’s speech (via grimm-creeper)

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Hello. Right. I wanna say something that I thought I’d never actually talk about. Before we wrote ‘Sempiternal’, I was a fucking drug addict. I was addicted to a drug called ketamine. I was on it for years, and I was off my fucking nads. And um. My band wanted to kill me. My parents wanted to kill me. My fucking brother wanted to kill me. Everybody didn’t want to take me too well. But they didn’t. They stood by me, supported me through all that shit. And we wrote sempiternal because of it. And no one fucking knows this but I was in rehab for a month. And through that time, as well as my band and my fucking family, you guys were sending me… You had no fucking idea that I was in rehab but you were sending me letters, you were sending me texts, you were sending me fucking emails. And then when I got out of rehab, I didn’t want to scream it anymore. I wanted to sing it from the fucking rooftops. And it’s all thanks to you. So thank you very much.


Having to lie about how you feel fucking sucks.

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Person:you don't look gay
Me:yeah sorry I forgot my flannel, rainbow flag and strap on at home.


it’s so stupid that we’re expected to pay over $200,000 for a college degree

american education system what r u doin

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